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Monday, November 9, 2009

New Arrival- Necklace

Code: N017
Price: RM 25.00
Description: Silver Star Pendant Necklace Width=3cm/ Height 3cm (Pendant)

Code: N015
Price: RM 25.00
Description: Silver Butterfly Pendant Necklace Width=2cm/ Height 3cm (Pendant)

Code: N018
Price: RM 15.00
Description: Silver Heart Pendant Necklace Width=2.5cm/ Height 2.5cm (Pendant)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bags Collections

The Cross (Shoulder Bag)
Code: BG010
Price: RM 35.00
Color/Unit: Black (1)/ White (1)/ Milky (1)

Bling Posch
Code: BG007
Price: RM 20.00
Color/Unit: Gold (1)/ Silver (1)/ Champaign (1)

Springs (Shoulder Bag)
Code: BG006
Price: RM 38.00
Color/Unit: Dark Brown (1)/ Milky (1)
Flowery (Shoulder Bag)
Code: BG005
Price: RM 38.00
Color/Unit: Champaign (1)/ Milky (1)

Roses (Shoulder Bag)
Code: BG004
Price: RM 35.00
Color/Unit: Silver (1)/ Dark Gold (1)

Bling HandBag
Code: BG002
Price: RM 35.00
Color/Unit: Gold (1)

Crowns (Shoulder Bag)
Code: BG003
Price: RM 30.00
Color: Gold(1)/ Silver(1)/ Champaign(1)
Crosstich (Shoulder Bag)
Code: BG008
Price: RM 35.00
Color/Unit: Black (1)/ White (1)
Sweet Candy (Shoulder Bag)
Code: BG009
Price: RM 28.00
Color/Unit: Pink (1)/ Yellow (1)/ White (1)

Ezzy (Shoulder Bag)
Code: BG011
Price: RM 29.00
Color/Unit: Brown (1)/ Champaign (1)/ White (SOLD)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Secret Key
Code: N005
Price: RM 38.00
Color: Gold / Silver
Description: Now Gold is IN the trends, with the unique combinations design of Cross & Key added with Sparkles Crystal diamond, making you look cool and feminine.
Necklace length=30cm Pendant=8cm

Code: N007
Price: RM 30.00
Description: Unique design of 3D square box with a crystal in the middle, bringing the

Futurities and retro style in you

Necklace length=23cm Pendant=2cm x 2cm

Bitz Necklace
Code: N009
Price: RM 15.00
Color: Purple
Description: Purple bits Necklace Length=35cm

Pearly Bitz Necklace
Code: N010
Price: RM 15.00
Color: Pearl White

CherryLicious Necklace
Code: N011
Price: RM 25.00
Description: Cute & Bubbly cherry design necklace, creating the cute and adorableness in you~!

Necklace length=30cm Pendant=4cm

Tranz Necklace
Code: N012
Price: RM 20.00
Description: Retro style necklace added with crytal diamond in the middle, it bring the cool and retro in you.Pendant=3cm

Lovely Melody
Code: N014
Price: RM28
Colors:Gold/Silver+ Pink Crystal Diamond
Description: Delightful Design Melody Note Comes In Gold & Silver Colors With Crystal Diamond. Necklace= 52cm Melody note= Length 6.7 + Width= 3.2cm


Tangle Bangle
Code: B001
Price: RM 20.00(per pcs)
Color: Pink/ Green

Description: Stretchable Bangle- it is specially design and made from Korea, comes in Pink & Green


Cross & Crown
Code: E001

Price: RM 28.00
Description: Length= 3cm Width= 2.3cm

Cherry Bell
Code: E002

Price: RM 28.00
Description: Diameter= 2cm Length= 2.5cm

Code: E003

Price: RM 15.00

Description: Length= 1.5cm Width= 1.5cm

Code: E004

Price: RM 15.00
Description: Length= 2.5cm Width= 2cm

Swet Cake
Code: E005
Price: RM 25.00
Description: Lovable 3D Cake Earrings With Purple Crystal Diamond